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Justice Scale

Legal Support Service for Oregon


If you are being sued, filing an answer and appearing in Court can be an intimidating if not altogether terrifying experience. Laws are complicated and courts are, too. 
Although every person deserves a fair outcome, it does not always work out that way because affordable, quality legal assistance is in short supply. 

Without a knowledgeable advocate, you take a significant risk.  Your rights may not be protected, leading to devastating results.

Pacific Paralegals bridges that gap by providing an affordable alternative to lawyer representation.   While we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, what we can do is use our knowledge and experience to guide and support you throughout your case, from being a listening ear to assisting you with generating and filing proper documents.

If you are in sticky situation, don't leave it up to chance.  Contact an advocate for a free consultation today.

For Lawyers

We work with Lawyers, too.  

The services page delineates our practice areas.

Please use the button below to contact us with inquiries and for a free estimate.

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