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                    Kelli's Story

Welcome to my website.  I am Kelli Hastings, founder of Pacific Paralegals LLC.  Throughout the years, I’ve earned a reputation for my capacity to understand how laws work.  I do not have a law degree.  My journey began in 2013 where I found myself in a legal conundrum where I could not afford an attorney.  I began to read and research laws and civil procedures, and taught myself how to choose and file court forms. 


Some years later, after a messy divorce, I found myself fighting for my child against my angry ex who used our child to punish me, mostly by attaining custody and then withholding visitation.  Using his powerful and expensive lawyer, my ex sued me in family court, repeatedly.  Sound unfair?  It was, but I did not know the rules of the game or how to defend myself against his allegations, especially not against his lawyer. 


But I fought back.  I continued to work toward  developing the knowledge and skills that would lead to my being able to challenge custody, and the shoddy parenting plan we had, which favored my child's father.  Eventually, I filed for a modification,  defended myself against my ex and his lawyer, and gained equal access to my child.  


With the skills I had attained and honed over the years, I got a job at a law firm, and that is where I polished my skillset and began to blossom into the Paralgal I am today. I understand what it's like to be faced with a legal matter for which you may feel you have nowhere to turn.  Fewer and fewer people are hiring attorneys these days due to the prohibitive fees they charge and high retainers they require to start the work.  This means that regular, hard-working people and their families are dealing with their legal problem unarmed and alone. 


When you do not have the support you need in a specialized field such as law or medicine, you can quickly end up on the losing side of an equation whose odds are stacked against you.   Because I have been there, I now dedicate what I have learned  to my clients -- using that knowledge to help you protect your rights and handle your matter properly so that you don't have to go through the process alone and risk losing your case.  The interests of my clients are always my first priority, and I go above and beyond to minimize risks to them and teach them how to prepare for - and win - their case. So if you are facing a legal matter in Oregon, big or small, there is a no-risk process to finding out whether we can help. Schedule a free consultation today, and find out what Pacific Paralegals can do for you.

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