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Unbalanced Scales of Justice

Knowledge Areas

Small Claims

We can assist litigants in small claims courts in Oregon, whether you are suing or being sued.  Many Oregon Courts do not permit small claims litigants to appear via an attorney.

We can help Landlords and Tenants settle disputes. 

We can also help you file an answer if you have been served with eviction proceedings.


Custody, Parenting Time, and Child Support

We can assist you with your Custody,  Parenting Time, and Child Support matters.

                          Small Estates

We can assist you with filing a small estate affidavit.  

                    Miscellaneous Matters

 Additional Services we Offer may Include:

- Drafting Pleadings
- Insurance Disputes
- Social Security Disability Applications
- Letter Writing
- Filling out Forms
- Court Filing Assistance
- Legal Research
- Notary
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